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ZLife Studio Policies! Please read:

SCHEDULE of classes:

NEW classes are being introduced to the studio! Please keep up with regular updates through the studio, Facebook, & Class cancellations and schedule changes announced on Facebook or by text message.

*Schedule is subject to change, and based on demand.


Regular updates are on Facebook posts in the Zlife Studio BUSINESS page and the Zlife Studio private GROUP page to ensure everyone has the convenience of staying up-to-date with studio news, cancellations, & event announcements. Responsibility is not accepted for participants who do not stay current with updates of classes or events via social media, text messaging, or calling the studio.

TEXT messages:

Text messages are sent to those who want instant updates from the convenience of their homes. Text messages provide “encouragement” and “motivation”!

If you would like to be included in the text messages then please private message Zlife Studio to give permission for updates via text. If you want to be taken off the text message updates please also let us know through private message on Facebook or through text.

*Class cancellations via text message and Facebook is a courtesy of Zlife Studio where members can sit in the comfort of their homes and conveniently check the status of class (not given by large fitness corporations where class cancellations are posted on the door forcing students to make unnecessary travel and waste time)

REGISTRATION for classes:

As Zlife Studio has no formal method of registering for classes yet, COMMUNICATION is vital! Social media and text messages are the informal method in which members can register classes. If you have not been to classes in a long time please make sure to contact us immediately if you’ll be attending. We usually contact students that regularly attend classes and attempt to avoid consistently notifying students who aren’t, so that messages don’t become burdensome in nature.

PREPARATION for classes:

We plan to arrive at least 10 mins prior to class or more to get set up and start on time. Sometimes situations beyond our control make that difficult and extend apologies for any inconvenience.  If unfortunate circumstances arise, and you are unable to attend class please let us know ASAP...

Life is complicated and situations out of ones control tend to emerge. ZLife Studio only asks for open communication in case of emergencies and to ensure the safety of all class participants.  


Zumba® Toning sticks, mats, and other equipment must be purchased at the expense of the members. Please do not rely on the use of other member’s equipment. For hygienic and safety purposes, we respectfully ask for anyone who does not have a mat or other necessary equipment to please purchase that equipment at a nearby store located in the shopping center right next to the studio!

Zumba® Toning sticks are available for purchase in the studio and must be Zumba® official brand Toning sticks to participate in the Zumba® Toning class. There will be 1 set available ONLY for NEW guest members to try the class for the first time. Many studios/gyms/community centers up-sell these items to profit off of their students! Zlife Studio does the best by trying to get the best discount for members.

Proper footwear MUST be worn during each class! NO exceptions!! These rules are to ensure safety of all participants.

Participants 17 & under:

A parent or guardian MUST be present to sign the waivers for children 17 years old & under! NO exceptions! Parents do not have to stay but they can drop-off and pick-up as long as the parents sign the WAIVERS. Parents MUST stay if Kids are 15 years old or younger. If they don't want to participate there is a lounge and comfy sofa where they can sit and hang out to wait NOT in the studio.

Class Pass Cards & Memberships:

Non-transferrable. ALL punch cards and memberships are non-transferrable. Members may not transfer any of the punch cards or unlimited memberships to their family or friends. They must be sold separately. A physician’s notice may be required to put a membership on hold. All memberships are contracts and aren’t meant to be broken but may be placed on a temporary hold for one month. Class Passes are non-transferable and expire 6 months from purchase.


There is a water fountain located in the sitting room next to the studio. No water will be provided at the studio so it is the responsibility of the participants to bring a water bottle to fill up during the duration of the class. There are also water and beverages for sale in the racquetball club located above the studio.

LATE arrival for classes:

Group Fitness Instructors will wait 10 minutes after class starts in case anyone attends late. This is an extended courtesy. We need to be notified if students are late. Please consider we would appreciate being notified if you will be late so we can accommodate for both our time and yours.  We wouldn’t want to inconvenience you the students or the instructor as time is precious and important to all of us❤.  We seek to be considerate and caring by not abusing that precious time.  Please text or call Zlife Studio as needed.


Any ticket purchases that are made for an event will not be reimbursed or credited towards the studio if a participate does not attend. The studio will offer options to credit participants towards another event, classes, or a reimbursement ONLY if the event is cancelled by the Zlife Studio hosts. Not applicable towards any events held that are hosted by a third party.


Any Zlife Studio member who refers family or friends that purchase a punch card or membership can receive a discount for 1 free class or $5 off their unlimited membership (only for 1 month). A purchase must be made by the referral to receive the discount.

ZLife Studio Classes:

Zumba® Fitness provides high-energy fitness classes that feature latin and international dance music. The classes provide many benefits such as a total body work-out, weight- loss, improve coordination, strengthen muscles & increase endurance. There are also mental health benefits including an increase in confidence, stress- relief, & opportunities to be a part of a growth building positive community.  

Zumba® Toning is a body sculpting class that uses toning sticks that are similar to maraca's in the form of weights to provides a high- energy music and dance fitness exercise. Toning combines latin-based Zumba® music, choreography, plus muscle toning for a strength- training & high- calorie burning routines. The class offers an effective muscle toning routine that targets muscle groups such as the abs, gluten, thighs, biceps & more. The party doesn't stop and continues with this innovative toning class for participants who want to focus on building and maintaining muscle strength!

STRONG by Zumba® is a class that combines traditional exercise moves that is synced to the music. The class combines plyometric training, cardio, endurance, muscle & body weight conditioning. The class is more athletic and comprised of "HIIT" training which is high intensity interval training that expends a high amount of caloric burn that lasts after the workout is over. STRONG is for the fitness lover and people interested in progressing their level of fitness. STRONG contains pumped- up music with a party-vibe! Music has never made you sweat like this before!

Zumba® Kid’s & Kid’s Jr. is exclusively designed for kids ages 4-12 years of age. The classes are high- energy fitness routines that keeps the party going for your children. The routines are specially designed with music & choreography to guarantee the kids have a blast! Zumba® Kid’s & Kid’s Jr. offers many benefits such as enhanced coordination, a boost in metabolism, & increase in physical well- being. The class also offers positive mental stimulation like an increase in confidence, focus, a potential to make friends, & be part of a community. 

*It is important NOT to be late to classes or leave classes early so as not to miss the warm-up or cool-down segment of any group fitness class. It is important to ensure the health and safety of all class participants!

**Communication with your instructor is key to providing optimal convenience and quality classes!

*NOTICE!! Management will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended on these premises. The racquetball club is separate from the studio.

Thank you for your time…Excited to see new and returning students packing the class so let's make this an awesome 2018 New Year!

We have built a great community at ZLife Studio!! Thank you for all your support!