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Janine Godley

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Cardio Strength. Legs. Abs. You.

Cardio S.L.A.Y

*NEW class alert 🚨! * 

Cardio Strength. Legs. Abs. You.

Start the New Year 2018 with a NEW class Cardio S.L.A.Y created by Zlife Studio group fitness instructor Janine Godley. Cardio S.L.A.Y combines different elements for a total body workout! This class focuses on cardio, abs, strength training and endurance of the legs, plus a focus on YOU! You focus on technique and proper form in this class while working on cardiorespiratory efficiency.
Put the snacks down & accept NO MORE EXCUSES! Keep a look out in stores for 3-5 lb. weights to use in this class if you don’t already have them! Also, a thin yoga mat will be used in this class so bring yours with you! More details on schedule and class times coming soon! Follow Zlife Studio for updates about this class! 


  • Thin yoga mat

  • 3- 5 lb. weights

* 1st class free to new members!

What members say about Cardio S.L.A.Y!!

Can't wait until next time. I will be able to do the ab series!! 

~ Bridgette

I liked it! I can feel I'm going to be sore tomorrow

~ Wendy